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I want
my Business to...

I want my business to grow, succeed and stay
in Victoria and South Vancouver Island

Our Services for Businesses

The South Island region is an incredible place. You already know that.

Our quality of life is unbeatable - 365 days of mild weather, incredible recreation,
affordable living, and just the sort of live/ work balance that attracts professionals.

We want to keep your business here.
More than that, we want it to grow.

The way we see it, the more successful you are, the more our community succeeds.
And we all want that.

So how are we going to work with you to help your business flourish?

We work directly with some of the region’s top companies through our Business Connector program.
You should be part of it, too.

We have a Business Concierge program that gets your business what it needs.
Whether that’s high-calibre advice or services, capital, or a deeper connection
with other entrepreneurs in your field.

And that’s just the start.