Indigenous Prosperity Gathering

Inaugural Indigenous Prosperity Gathering

November 12 & 13, 2019

Songhees Wellness Centre

The Indigenous Prosperity Gathering will bring together Indigenous leadership to explore economic development priorities of the 10 First Nations on the South Island. The goal is to identify opportunities for collaboration and decide on key actions to move forward. The event is by invitation only.

As a regional convener of likeminded partners, SIPP is working alongside the Lekwungen and WSÁNEĆ Nations, and Pacheedaht Nation, to learn from their wisdom, goals, and aspirations directly related to their economic development initiatives. In this inaugural gathering, the 10 Nations will come together in dialogue around what’s working, what needs to be done, and how to explore collaborative projects that might benefit multiple nations through equity, revenue-sharing and jobs.

There is glaring economic disparity between the Indigenous and non-Indigenous community in the region. SIPP and its partners believe that equality can only be achieved through collaboration. For this to be successful, direction of the region’s Indigenous leadership is required.

SIPP is inviting Indigenous leadership representing the 10 South Island First Nations to attend this inaugural dialogue forum. In addition to senior leadership, Elders, youth and key staff are encouraged to participate. Non-Indigenous partners will be asked to join certain elements of the agenda and allies and advisers will be on-site to give advice or to help find answers to questions and inquiries.


These are the preliminary questions that will be explored among the participants. Participants are encouraged to expand on these questions addressed to Indigenous leadership.

What are your immediate priorities?

We recognize that your priorities may not be directly related to economic development, but we need the full picture in order to make a support plan that has a chance of being effective.

What hinders or supports your progress?

Let us know what is working for you, what deters you, and what moves you forward.

What do you need from the non-Indigenous community?

Is it reconciliation? If so, what does that mean?

Is there value in increased collaboration among the South Island First Nations?

If so, what concrete opportunities exist and who should coordinate?

What do you need from SIPP, municipal governments and other collaborators?

SIPP is a formidable partner in coordinating efforts and finding solutions once consensus on action is reached.

A detailed agenda is currently being developed. 


Featuring keynote speaker Carol Anne Hilton, MBA – Founder & CEO of the Indigenomics Institute