So what does the South Island Prosperity Project do anyway?

So you’re having Christmas dinner, and your uncle from out of town mentions he’s heard about some prosperity project that just launched. What’s it all about?

Being supremely well-informed (and perhaps just a little smug), you pull out your phone and proceed to take your uncle through the South Island Prosperity Project mini-pitch. There, in a series of bright and cheerful slides, you get the full SIPP story. Your uncle is suitably impressed, and vows to invest his vast fortune in the region.

All kidding aside, we often get visitors asking us to summarize what South Island Prosperity Project does, and how that benefits businesses. While we do have a website (and a new site in development), a snappy presentation is a very useful thing.

Hope you find this little tool useful. Please feel free to pass it along to all your out-of-town colleagues!

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