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Mark Dillion has more than 30 years of executive management experience at the highest level of professional soccer. With his company, Lifekinetik USA, he is providing international athletes the mental edge they need to win.

Dillion joined us in conversation this week to discuss his company’s potential relocation plans – from Orlando, Florida to the South Island.

It was an enlightening conversation on several fronts. First, Dillion is a terrific interviewee. And it’s great to hear about his thoughts on synergies – his company would make a powerful addition to the South Island sports scene. But most of all, it was encouraging to hear Dillion’s perspective on the South Island – the attraction of everything from our weather to our favorable political and economic climate.

You can listen in on our conversation by clicking on the play button. Or get the highlights of our conversation by reading on.

The edge for athletes…and beyond
Lifekinetik pioneered a unique form of neurotraining that helps athletes hone their reaction times. As Dillion said, supporters of the methodology include a who’s who of both professional and amateur sport. “I saw an incredible opportunity for North America with LifeKinetik. We have a great base of athletes, resources and coaches, but on the world stage we produce inferior results. It’s very frustrating, until you understand the sort of neurotraining European athletes use to give themselves faster reflexes and better coordination.”

Interestingly, athletes aren’t the only beneficiaries. “Lifekinetik is beneficial to first responders who need to think quickly, and develop mental resiliency to cope with the stress of extreme situations. It also has proven applications in healthcare – helping people with brain injuries recuperate more rapidly, for example. And finally, it works in education, giving students the ability to study more effectively.”

A strong case for relocation
Dillion recalled that the South Island region was on his radar for quite some time. “I’m connected to a number of elite coaches in Canada, and they all rattled off reasons for moving to Victoria.”

In conversation, Dillion was well versed in our region’s status as ‘ground zero’ for Canada’s triathletes, as well as being HQ for sports like rugby. Surprisingly, though, he was also familiar with our multiple municipalities, and saw this as an advantage for Lifekinetik. “When it comes to landing contracts with first responders, many cities have a vast centralized bureaucracy. The South Island region, on the other hand, has a greater number of smaller municipalities – which makes them easier to approach and engage with.”

Finally, Dillion noted that livability and a favorable business environment were strong selling features.

What next?
Dillion will be back in the region in January doing site checks and digging deeper into the details of relocation. We look forward to helping him at every stage.

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