The South Island Prosperity Project is coordinating the regional bid for Canada’s Smart Cities Challenge – a nation-wide competition incentivizing Canadian cities and communities to come up with innovative ways of solving real-world challenges to improve livability for residents using technology and data with the chance to win prizes up to $50,000,000 for most innovative “smart city” solutions.

A smart city, or smart community, is one that uses technology, data and evidence-based innovation to improve livability and opportunities for its communities and its people. Smart cities have the potential to improve every aspect of community life – how people move around, how they live and play, how they earn a living, how they learn and are empowered to participate in society, how they interact with the natural environment, and how they create safe and secure public spaces.

A smart community starts with its people, so in preparation for the federal challenge, SIPP has been working behind the scenes engaging municipalities, First Nations communities, institutions, academia, businesses and other key stakeholders and actively seeking input from the public through online platforms.

Additionally, SIPP held a Smart South Island Symposium open to all members of the public, welcoming close to 300 attendees who helped us define and refine our Smart 2040 Vision.

SIPP recognized early on that Canada’s Smart Cities Challenge has been a catalyst for change across the region, which is why we decided to launch an Open Innovation Challenge of our own, encouraging the submission of ‘smart’ pilot project ideas to compete for one of three $15,000 prizes and the possibility of having your project included in our federal proposal.

If you’re interested in learning more about our Smart Cities work or the Open Innovation Challenge, please visit: