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What is Greater Victoria all about?

  • We’re West Coast

    Which means we hold nature, health and recreation in high esteem.

  • We’re diverse

    Which means tolerance and inclusion are second nature.

  • We’re a gateway to Asia

    so our economic perspective is expansive and optimistic.

  • We’re entrepreneurial

    we offer a healthy ecosystem where where technology, innovation & creativity interconnect

  • We’re progressive

    We share a forward-thinking nature with cities like Vancouver, Portland, Seattle and San Francisco.

Our region is crisscrossed with spectacular hiking trails – including one so famous there’s a waitlist to hike it. That’s the West Coast Trail, a breathtakingly beautiful, multi-day hike through a temperate rain forest
National Geographic magazine recognizes Vancouver Island as one of the best cold-water diving destinations in the world. The renowned Jacques Cousteau Society rates the area as only second to the Red Sea for diversity of marine life and water clarity.

What sights will you see? Offshore, there are three resident Orca (killer whale) pods with over 80 animals. Sea otters, seals and grey whales also call the South Island home. No wonder so many of us love kayaking, recreational sailing, leisure boating, rowing, surfing and paddle-boarding.

We’re also a golfer’s haven, with championship courses set against stunning ocean, mountain and forest vistas. Our season runs April to October – though most courses are open all year.

There are a thousand  farms within Greater Victoria (2,855 on the island). Many restaurants feature hundred mile diet options, in addition to Ocean Wise seafood, Organic and locally-grown sections at the grocery store are among the largest you’ll find.

We enjoy the second highest number of restaurants per capita in North America, and numerous award-winning breweries.
In fact, there are 13 craft breweries and brew pubs, a plethora of small craft wineries, even award-winning distilleries and cider houses. Local and small-batch quality are a big deal here.

Victoria’s historic Chinatown is the oldest in Canada (and second oldest in North America). Victoria’s Chinatown was designated a National Historic Site of Canada in 1995. Chinatown features the famous Fan Tan Alley, as well as the Gate of Harmonious Interest, which was built in Victoria’s Sister City of Suzhou, China.

Our 13 municipalities are home to incredibly diverse communities. And they’re made for socializing – we invest heavily in cycle infrastructure, traffic calming and pedestrian-friendly features.

We’re also building large scale infrastructure, like the $86 million McKenzie Interchange, and sprawling trail and connector systems like the 60km-long Galloping Goose regional trail and 29 km-long Lochside Trail.

 Fun Facts

The number of Small Breweries in BC in 2015 (up from 58 in 2010). 14 of the beers Canada's Top 100 Beers list are produced in the Victoria region.
The average number of days of snow on the ground. Victoria is the least snowy city in Canada. Vancouver holds second place with 9 (17.5 inches compared to our 13).
0 cm
The annual rainfall in our region. A much sunnier number than Vancouver at 110.7 cm, Seattle at 96.8 cm and New York City at 112.9 cm
The number of students that study on our campuses at our three post secondary institutions - the University of Victoria, Royal Roads University, and Camosun College.
0 %
The number of people in our region with less than a 30-minute commute to work, vs. Vancouver at 52.6%, Toronto at 44.4%, and Montreal at 50.5%.
0 %
The estimated percentage of University of Victoria students from other regions or countries. They’re attracted to the lifestyle, the rich learning environment, and the proximity to nature.

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